Leadership Development Program


The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is for seasoned functional managers who have proven leadership potential in their respective organizations.

Ideal candidates include vice presidents, divisional managers, business unit heads, and functional area executives preparing for greater levels of responsibility.

LDP is also suitable for newly appointed general managers who wish to deepen their cross functional approach to management.


Program Highlights

  • LDP accelerates the executive development process by offering a focused and comprehensive program that equips high-potential leaders with the knowledge, tools, and frameworks they need to make more effective decisions, explore new perspectives, and view their business from a broader lens.

  • The central component of LDP is the Executive Challenge that enables participants to create action plans for implementation both in between modules and upon completion of the program. These are current and real-life business issues which are personally meaningful to the participants. Throughout the program, they are given the chance to work with assigned facilitators, coaches, and peers to create take-home agendas.


Program Delivery and Topics

The curriculum comprises of four learning modules spread out across eight months. Each module is four days long.

Module 1: Personal Leadership & Growth
January 23 to 27, 2018 

  • Leading High Performance Teams
  • Leadership Decision Making
  • Essentials for Creative Negotiations
  • Leadership Communications
Module 2: Business Fundamentals
March 20 to 23, 2018

  • Understanding the Macro-Environment
  • Industry Dynamics and Competitive Advantage
  • The Global Economy
  • Financial Accounting and Analysis
  • Leading in a Dynamic Environment


Module 3: Optimizing Business Strategy
May 15 to 18, 2018

  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Consumer Insighting and Strategy
  • Competing in the Digital Age
  • Strategic Differentiation and Value Capture
  • Marketing and Brand Effectiveness
Module 4: Leading Sustainable Change
July 24 to 27, 2018

  • Leader as a Coach and Breakthrough Performance
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation
  • Strategic Influence and Quantum Leadership
  • Best Practices in Human Capital and Talent Management

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