Coaching Essentials

This three-day program introduces coaching essentials to those new to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching, and sets you off on a life-altering learning journey. You can take this training as a stand-alone training or as Module 1 of the Meta-Coach Training System.

You’ll graduate from Coaching Essentials with:

  • an advanced communication model for razor-sharp communication
  • the tools and confdence to produce peak performance and motivation states in yourself and others
  • leading-edge listening skills for the seeming magic of hearing what is not being said
  • rapport skills for creating business and coaching success
  • a precision questioning model for getting to the heart of profound change
  • tools to overcome barriers and blockages in your own life and your clients
  • accelerated performance with transformational feedback skills; and an inspiring start to a career as an internationally certified Meta-Coach