Coaching Mastery

Coaching Mastery is also called the Coaching Boot Camp because it is an intense immersion into coaching and personal development.

Here we cover six more models for making coaching systematic.

  • The Axes of Change – a model of how Generative Change works with eight coaching roles for being a Change Agent.
  • The Matrix Model – a systems model for following a client’s energy through his or her system of meaning.
  • The Self-Actualization Quadrants – a practical model for how Self-Actualization works as a person and synergizes their meaning into their performances.
  • The Benchmarking Model – a process for operationalizing concepts that are intangible and setting up metrics for measuring success and change.
  • The Facilitation Model – a model for how we facilitate challenge and compassion to create the ruthless compassion of coaching.
  • The Meta-Programs – a model for perceptual lens and how to read a person to match his or her style of processing.