Essentials of Leadership and Management


An organization’s first-line leaders are the largest group in a company to affect the alignment, mindset, and capabilities of the subordinates around a strategy. These leaders, along with their direct reports, being directly or indirectly able to touch every single client in an organization, are expected to achieve goals through their people.

The Essentials of Leadership and Management (ELM) prepares these managers with leadership mindset and management skills to help them translate strategy into operational reality.

ELM is specifically designed for front line officers who just assumed their new roles as managers and for high-performing individuals who are being groomed for broader management responsibilities. The program is also appropriate for team leaders new to the role of supervision and for technical professionals who are transitioning to general management.


Program Highlights

Specifically, ELM helps participants by:

  • equipping them with working knowledge on general management, business drivers, and strategies hat they can use for their responsibilities

  • helping them expand their operational perspectives to help them make better informed business decisions

  • assisting them to better understand their general corporate strategies and appreciate their contribution to the achievement of the company’s goals

  • honing their leadership qualities to interact, influence, and lead their people to perform better


Program Delivery and Topics

ELM is a two-module program spread over two months. Each module is five days long. The modules comprise of the following topics.

Leadership Enhancement

  • Leadership Awareness
  • Managing People
  • Working with Teams
  • Project Management

Fundamentals of Management

  • The Art and Practice of Management
  • Basic Accounting and Finance
  • Customer Service Efficiency
  • Business Communication

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